Saturday, 25 July 2009

the experiment comes to a head

well, that was my little excersion into random drawing, not that i was doing something else before this, but never anywhere near so often or so much.
i'm still going to make sure i get at least one drawing done a day of course, but i think i should focus myself now, i have one outstanding project, one outstanding commission, and from this week of madness at least 2 ideas i should follow up on.
but there is also another reason why i have decided to call a halt to the experiment here, you may have noticed over the last week that many of the drawings i've been doing are frankly, well, mental. not that there is anything wrong with that mind you, many if not all of my influances veer towards the mad so this is only to be expected, but as the week went on things started to go away from weird and into, well, slightly nasty, coming to a head yesterday afternoon with this.

now, i like gore and horror as much as the next person (who likes gore and horror), but, fankly, bloody hell, i had a go at a few things after this but i only ended up with more of the same.
so, unless i want to get stuck in a cycle of gross mutiation and mean spirited pain (as opposed to pretty mutilation and fun pain, which i'm fine with) i should pull back for a bit and focus.

still, it was a enjoyable experiance and one i'll probably repeat later on, also i will still try and update this place as often as possible, hopefully several times a week.

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