Monday, 21 December 2009


my scanner didn't pick this up as well as i would have liked, so some photo fiddling was needed to make the lines nicely visible. still couldn't get them to show up as black though (not without getting all the veins to do the same anyway)

thought it might be easier on a green leaf, but it didn't quite work out, it was no easier or more difficult to draw, and it has flattened out for scanning better, but the colour is harder to see the back line against, and the shine on the leaf gets in the way.

the hunt continues.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

My Art Year

Well, it’s nearly over.
I was going to use this post to give a detailed run down off all the art I saw and took care of in my gallery job this year, but after 5 or so aborted attempts at that I’ve come to the conclusion that trying to write an art review up to 7 months after you saw something is nearly impossible, so perhaps something much more general would be a better idea?
Well, this year I’ve looked after 7 works by 3 artists, 2 of which I was lucky enough to be able to be involved in the making of, and 1 of those I featured in.
Not too bad then, after basically just passing time for the last few years I’ve more or less thrown myself in at the deep end with this stuff. My art knowledge has always been ok, but my involvement pretty much non existent, so to be suddenly be faced with a huge warehouse with a 6 ft deep red hole dug in the middle of it and then asked “what is it about?” by a series of people is a pretty steep learning curve.

Hopefully now as I go on I’ll get into the habit of writing down reviews of things, be they fine art, illustration or otherwise, as I go, and hopefully anyone reading this won’t be too bored by it.

to next year!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Friday, 11 December 2009


drawing on a brasil nut

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

pine cone

something from my college sketchbook, which makes the drawing not technically procrastination, the childish layout on the other hand...